A country of deeply held beliefs and superstitions, Laos plunges you into a world of spirit worship and traditional ceremonies. Births, marriages, deaths, but also the New Year, a journey, sickness …. There are many occasions that are the subject of a special ceremony. The most well-known is the Baci Ceremony which creates favourable conditions for accommodating wishes for health, happiness, strength, prosperity….

For young couples coming to celebrate their wedding (or couples who wish to marry symbolically, in the traditional Lao way), we can organise a “Baci Ceremony” in the nearby village to honour the newly-weds. In Laos, legend states that lovers are predestined to meet by their “Nene” (love karma). In the sky is a wonderful garden where each person has a tree whose branches embrace those of a soul mate. In time, the predestined couple is sent to earth, with their wrists bound by a cotton thread, but the “Wind of Scissors” which cuts and the “Wind of Knives” which slices, separates the couple who are then re-born to live separate lives. All of their lives are spent trying to find their predestined soul mate. Once they find each other, the couple is reunited with a symbolic link of cotton during the “Baci Ceremony”. If the cord stays intact on the wrists of the newly-weds for three days fortune will smile on the couple and their marriage will be blessed.

In accordance with local customs, we can also try to organize a Baci Ceremony for any meaningful occasion to make your stay at the Lodge a memorable immersion into the way of life in Laos.