March to May: considered the hot season (30-37°C) with very sunny days. Ideal for sun worshippers. It’s also the season of Lao New Year (Pi Mai), celebrated in the month of April, with the beginning of the rains at the end of May.

June to September: Wet season with regular showers at the end of the day and during night time. Temperatures range between 27 & 32°C. It’s the season of growth as the countryside is transformed by new, lush vegetation. It’s also the start of Buddhist Lent for the local people. Sometimes called low or green season, when the number of tourists diminishes and prices follow suit.

Mid-September to the end of November: the temperate season as the rains end and with pleasant temperatures during the day (25-30°C), without getting too hot and night time temperatures not exceeding 20°C. Its the ideal season for taking photos as the forest and rice fields are filled with vibrant colours. The rice is ready for harvest at the beginning of October. This period also sees numerous festivals including Ok Pansa (the end of Buddhist lent) and boat race festivals.

December to February: Winter in Laos, day time temperatures remain pleasant (15-25°C), nights are cooler (7-12°C). Our rooms are equipped with radiators, hot-water bottles and we have log fires in the common areas. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the hot water tubs! The rains have completely stopped and morning and evening mists create beautiful spectacles on the mountain ridges.


There are no direct flights. Regular flights from Europe arrive into Bangkok before the short flight to Vientiane, followed by a domestic flight to Oudom Xay (40 mins, drive from our Lodge).


There are countries in the world where you feel safe and secure – Laos is certainly one of them. From Vientiane (the capital) with its provincial town feel to Luang Prabang imbued with spirituality, Laos is a safe country. It’s common to see independent travellers and far less common to find rudeness. Lao people are naturally reserved but definitely not short of smiles.


Northern Laos is primarily a mountainous region crossed by the Mekong and other beautiful rivers such as the Nam Ou. Lying between the borders of Burma, China, Thailand and Vietnam, it is one of the least populated parts of SE Asia. The few people who inhabit the region belong mostly to ethnic minorities (with over 50 different groups recorded). The North of Laos is also characterised by unspoilt countryside and most people visit to experience a remote part of the world that is relatively untouched by more modern parts of life. The remoteness means that there are few tourists and with only 10 rooms, Muang La Lodge blends into its unspoilt surroundings perfectly.


Muang La Lodge welcomes children of all ages. We have baby cots and extra beds available (extra beds for children up to 12 years old, 1 extra bed per room).
Children under 2 stay completely free.
Reduced rates for children between 2 & 12 years of age, sharing their parents room.
Full rates apply if a child occupies a room.


Before Leaving

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your departure from Laos.
A visa on arrival is available at the airports in Luang Prabang or Vientiane as well as the border crossing from Thailand (Houessay). Please check before leaving for Laos.

No compulsory vaccinations except for yellow fever if you are travelling from an infected country. Please seek medical advice in your own country.
Laos & Malaria? Malaria is present in Laos and you should check with your doctor on the appropriate medications. Our rooms are fitted with anti-mosquito devices.

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