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Muang La offers unique hot tubs!

Our privileged position along the river, has allowed us to create secluded corners offering moments of relaxation and meditation based around a traditional ritual: a hot bath!

  • Public bath using water from a centuries old, thermal spring at the foot of the Lodge. The water is piped from the spring into the renovated bath which is accessible to the villagers (mostly the local children) who believe in the many virtues of the 50° water.
  • A candle-lit traditional Lao sauna where we mix the steam with carefully selected fragrant herbs. Perfect after a days trek in the mountains!
  • Two elevated hot tubs that are filled with water from the thermal spring. Both tubs offer wonderful views of the river and the mountains. you can extend these moments of pure relaxation in our massage pavilion…

With magic fingers, our masseuses (trained in a school in Vientiane) offer a mix of Thai and Chinese massages focused on relaxation and vitality. To the sound of the river, they will ease away any stresses and strains to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
We also offer manicures, pedicures and reflexology to compliment our massages.

Traditional Lao Massage

Massage – traditional ‘Lao’ focuses on pressure points and stretching the body. A strong mix of Thai & Chinese massages that brings balance and harmony.
Massage – aromatic ‘Nam man’ using essential oils. The use of oils stimulates your circulation and leaves you feeling completely relaxed.
Massage – ‘Shiatsu’ stimulates your nerve impulses and circulation by applying pressure to different parts of the body.


No request is too great and no detail is too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins.

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