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Apart from being respect for nature, for us, sustainable development is above all, respect for the local people.

–  Jean Paul and his team

When we decided to build our Lodge, we invested in social development with initiatives to support the inhabitants of the valley:

“We Love our village”

With the exception of the foreman, all of the workers who helped build our Lodge came from the local villages.

Even today, the majority of our team come from the local village and we provide training to each person. In addition to their salary, we make sure that each member of our team can thrive in their chosen profession related to our business.

Our supplies come from local producers and our garden is cared for by expert Khamu village farmers.
Most of the table salt and bath salts that we use are produced from the salt fields close to our Lodge.

The materials used in the construction and decoration of our Lodge are all locally sourced, from furniture made in Oudom Xay, the original pieces of art created by Laos artists, to the fabrics we use… all pay tribute to the traditional ethnic groups and reflect the colourful culture of Laos.

From the moment we began construction, we preserved access for the villagers to the thermal spring at the foot of our Lodge. So today, it is not rare to share a bath in the hot water from the spring, with the local people who believe in the virtues of the waters and use them to help ease the stresses and strains of their day.

For our guests who wish to experience our close relationship with our neighbours, two of our activities have been developed with the local people and are offered on arrival:

  • A tour of the village on foot, accompanied by a local guide
  • A baci ceremony perpetuating an ancient welcome for travellers and performed by the village elders.

Some of our initiatives that help develop our close relationship with the village & villagers are:

  • We sponsor village festivals (boat race, rocket festival) and we offer financial support for family events (births, marriages, deaths)
  • We educate the local people on the benefits of cleanliness and work with the local school to teach the benefits of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • We partner with the district and provincial authorities in the enactment of laws that manage how we all live in harmony together
  • We support several projects funded by overseas NGOs and have contributed in particular to the establishment of Nongbua School by the  Breteau Foundation.

Join us in enjoying wonderful moments in this remote paradise, far removed from the modern technologies that often govern our daily lives.
Our activities give you the chance to discover the richness of the environment that we strive to preserve.


No request is too great and no detail is too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins.

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