If there is a remote area to indulge in trekking, it's here!

We have designed itineraries for different levels of hikers, supported by our local guides, that focus on the discovery of the unspoilt countryside around our Lodge. Different opportunities to experience agriculture, handicrafts and other natural treasures.

Activity 02 Half-day duration: 3h | depart 9h00 or 14h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 2

The easiest of our treks, which is more of a pleasant walk in the immediate vicinity of our Lodge, to discover the rural life of the Khamu farmers in their rice fields.

Activity 3A Half-day duration: 4h | depart 9h00 or 14h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 3

This excursion begins in a 4×4, before setting off on foot (2 hours walk). You explore the lush vegetation of the valley with some splendid views, passing through rice fields and over bamboo bridges. You reach the village of Long Ya of the Tai Yang people before you arrive at the temple of Wat Hoytinphabath. The temple is home to a reclining statue of Buddha, over 35m long and a place of total serenity.

Activity 04 Full day duration: 6h | depart 9h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 3

Is one of our most popular excursion. A short transfer by 4×4, then a trek to Ban Phavie, a magnificent Khamu village sitting on a hilltop, wehere you take your picnic lunch. In the afternoon, you stop near a waterfall with clear waters, perfect for a dip.

Activity 4A Full day duration: 6h | depart 9h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 4

This is a more robust alternative to our excursion 04. Towards Phongsavanh, it combines the discovery of several Khamu villages with a visit to the temple of Wat Hoytinphabath – home to an immense reclining Buddha. You will experience the peaceful life of the villagers, as they go about their daily chores such as preparing their meals with local produce.

Activity 05 Full day duration: 6h | depart 9h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 5

A short transfer by 4×4 to the starting point of your hike. Experienced hikers will choose this excursion of around 6 hours to meet the Khamu people. A trek of 2½ hours, along a forest trail to an isolated village where the houses are built on stilts. The remote villagers traditions and beliefs include respect for the wisdom of the elders, the innocence of youth and the solidarity of the community. The trek continues to some immense caves.

Activity 20 Full day duration: 6h | depart 9h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 1

A fun and traditional excursion – “Of Rice and Men” lets you try growing rice with the Khamu farmers. A picnic lunch in a “sala” amidst the unspoilt countryside, prepared by our cook. At the end of the day, your return to our Lodge crossing the Nam Pak River on a bamboo raft, via the village of Vieng Kham. The village is well known for the production of sarongs and other silk products.

Walking & Hiking

We arrange the most memorable days for you, to offer the best we can and of course, after listening to your wishes. Subject to the weather conditions, the season and any local festivals.

Includes: Transfers by 4×4, a local English-speaking guide, any entrance fees, a picnic lunch prepared by our chefs (where indicated).

  • Half-days and full days can vary in length: 2-5 hours for half-days/4-6 hours for full days
  • Most excursions leave at 9:00 or 14:00
  • The majority of our excursions are accompanied by an English-speaking guide
  • Activities are graded from 1-5 in terms of the physical effort

As we all have our individual preferences, all our activities are organised on a private basis, i.e. they are not “join-in” excursions.

Important: between October and March, we recommend reserving your stay and any activities in advance.

We have recommended the most popular activities within our different packages and the options shown under “Your Stay”.


No request is too great and no detail is too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins.

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