Feast your eyes on unspoilt natural surroundings. Sample the tradition of bathing in hot spring water. Enjoy the seclusion of the stunning scenery. Discover the remote world of the “people of heaven”. Stay next to the village of Muang La, where it all began!

– Jean-Paul, Founder

Our EXPERIENCES provide unforgettable memories that will last for ever.
Whether you are a traveler in search of adventure or relaxation,
Whether you are traveling as a couple, with children, or with friends – here in a remote part of the world, each experience has its own special flavour:

Beautifully situated on the banks of the Nam Pak River, Muang La Lodge took its place in the heat of the lush, green countryside to become a haven of peace and tranquility lulled by the sound of the river. The charm of our Lodge is everywhere… Outside the Khamu farmers sow their crops of rice and inside, your hosts have sown their seeds to offer a refined, gentle experience.

In the high valleys around our Lodge, people still believe in the spirit world of phantoms, ghosts and fairies and the modern traveller can share these beliefs during a widely practiced, social event – a Baci Ceremony. In olden times, travellers would recuperate from their long journey in the waters of the hot spring in the Nam Pak River. Nowadays our days are less active but Muang La Lodge still offers the tradition of bathing in the hot spring at the foot of our Lodge or in one of our raised hot tubs, for a more peaceful way to relax.

The magical seclusion of our gardens illuminated by hundreds of candles in the evenings. Secluded relaxation with only the songs of the birds in the trees interrupting the peaceful tranquility. Secluded hot tubs steaming in the cool night air and the secluded pavilion for a massage of essential oils. Romantic seclusion of our Sala for a candlelit dinner for two bathed in the colours of the setting sun… Waiter, waitress, guide, chef, the entire team at Muang La Lodge provides discreet, attentive service.

They are the Hmong, Akha, Ikhos peoples… their villages built on the tops of mountains with a way of life that seems from a different era. Muang La Lodge is the perfect base to meet the ethnic minorities with their animist beliefs. Also the perfect base to try a wide choice of excursions: different levels of treks, the art of Lao cuisine, mountain biking, navigating the Nam Ou
Attention is paid to every detail to ensure a truly memorable experience: picnic in a rice field, take a dip in a hidden mountain pool… or simply take time out to meditate.

A few hundred metres from our Lodge, the village of Muang La is a small community of a thousand souls including peasants, monks, women and children with laughing eyes. A great opportunity to experience a rural, traditional and most of all, peaceful way of life. As a “neighbour”, you will see different aspects of the daily life of the village such as making village houses using woven bamboo, preservation of the rice harvest, silk weaving, extracting salt from the Nam Pak River… and all this under the watchful eye of a sacred Buddha, over 400 years old and deemed to possess supernatural powers.


No request is too great and no detail is too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins.

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